From chips, 5G to autonomous driving, Qualcomm spends 29 billion to continue PK with Huawei!

As we all know, Qualcomm and Huawei are old rivals, especially in terms of mobile phone chips and 5G chips. For example, Huawei’s Kirin chip is against Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chip, Huawei’s Balong series baseband chip, and Qualcomm’s X series baseband chip.

However, with the chip ban, Huawei was unable to directly PK with Qualcomm on mobile phone chips and baseband chips, because it could not be produced, so we have seen that Huawei has recently used a large number of Qualcomm chips.

From chips, 5G to autonomous driving, Qualcomm spends 29 billion to continue PK with Huawei!

Later, Huawei switched to smart cars, and spent a lot of energy on autonomous driving, etc., and the mobile phone business used Qualcomm chips, so many people think that Qualcomm and Huawei may not directly PK next, after all, the battlefield is different.

But what makes people unexpected is that this pair of old rivals will continue to PK in the field of smart cars. The reason is that Qualcomm spent 29 billion to buy an autonomous driving company, and then it will provide technology to car companies, which is also a competitive relationship with Huawei.

The company acquired by Qualcomm is called Weininger, which is an autonomous driving Tier 1 company. Qualcomm and its partner SSW Partners will jointly acquire Weininger for US$4.5 billion (about 29.003 billion yuan).

Following the acquisition, SSW Partners will hand over Vernier’s Arriver software business to Qualcomm, and SSW Partners will retain Vernier’s Tier 1 business.

Qualcomm will integrate Arriver’s computer vision, driving decision-making, and assisted driving assets into its own Snapdragon Ride autonomous driving platform, and then provide car companies with better autonomous driving solutions, selling autonomous driving domain controllers to complete vehicles factory.

Obviously, Qualcomm’s Model is similar to Huawei’s current model, that is, it is a solution provider, providing autonomous driving solutions for car companies, and we must strive for business cooperation. Everyone is a real friend and businessman, in competition. condition.

Therefore, in the future, Qualcomm and Huawei, the old rivals, will surely face fierce confrontation in the field of autonomous driving. Then what kind of war will happen to this pair of old rivals in the field of smart cars, then let us We will wait and see.

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