Williams teams with Nyobolt automotive powertrain batteries

“Niobium-powered lithium-ion battery technology from Nyobolt delivers a step change in power density, cycle life and fast charging capability,” according to Williams. “The technology has ideal attributes for high performance vehicles, such as motorsport. They are also relevant for heavy duty powertrains such as those used in mining, and other commercial applications where cycle life and uptime are critical characteristics.” WAE […]

Enhanced X-FAB process variant boosts photodiode responsiveness

Enhanced X-FAB process variant boosts photodiode responsiveness The specialist foundry, X-FAB Silicon Foundries, has made augmentations that have extended the scope of its XS018 180 nm sensor process, meaning that it is now able to offer a photodiode-specific process core module. While the company’s XS018 process had been mainly focused on the fabrication of multi-pixel CMOS image sensors, this new […]

Foundry sales set for 23% increase

It is worth noting that the strong growth rate in 2017 was primarily due to Samsung re-classifying its System LSI internal transfers as foundry sales, rather than strong organic market growth. Total foundry sales this year are forecast to surpass the $100-billion mark for the first time and continue increasing at a strong 11.6% average annual growth rate through 2025 […]


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Optrex DMF50081ZNF-FW

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China chip industry grew 18% y-o-y in Q1

The sales values of the IC design and manufacturing sectors were $11.2 billion and $8.4 billion respectively, and the sales value of the IC packaging and testing sector rose 7.3% to nearly $7.5 billion. China imported 155.27 billion ICs with a total import value of $93.6 billion in Q1 with imports up 33.6% and their total value up 29.9% y-o-y, according […]

AUO B141XG09 V0

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Automotive-grade polymer chip capacitors operate up to 150°C

AVX Corp. has launched its new TCO Series high-temperature, automotive-grade polymer chip capacitors, rated for operating temperatures up to 150°C at category voltage. They also boast low leakage current (DCL) and a benign failure mode. Target applications include high-temperature, low- and medium-power automotive, industrial, and telecommunications applications. These polymer capacitors meet AEC-Q200 Stress Test Qualification for Passive Components requirements, which ensure […]