Sharp LM64P783

#LM64P783 Sharp LM64P783 New , LM64P783 pictures, LM64P783 price, #LM64P783 supplier ——————————————————————- Email: [email protected] [email protected] ——————————————————————- LM64P783 inverter, LM64P783 power supply, LM64P783 electronic board, LM64P783 VGA board, LM64P783 touchscreen available. Shunlongwei Inspected Every LM64P783 Before Ship, All LM64P783 with 6 months warranty.

Fuji 2SC2542

#2SC2542 Fuji 2SC2542 New TRIPLE DIFFUSED PLANER TYPE HIGH VOLTAGEHIGH SPEED SWITCHING, 2SC2542 pictures, 2SC2542 price, #2SC2542 supplier ——————————————————————- Email: [email protected] [email protected] ——————————————————————- 2SC2542 Description Features .High voltage,High speed switching .High reliability Applications .Switching regulators .Ultrasonic generators .High frequency inverters .General purpose power amplifiers Maximum ratings and characteristics .Absolute maximum ratings (Tc=25°C unless otherwise specified) Collector-Base voltage VCBO :450V […]

Toshiba MG30J6ES11

#MG30J6ES11 Toshiba MG30J6ES11 New IGBT: 30A600V, MG30J6ES11 pictures, MG30J6ES11 price, #MG30J6ES11 supplier ——————————————————————- Email: [email protected] [email protected] ——————————————————————- MG30J6ES11 Description POWER TRANSISTOR MODULE; 30A600V6UN CHANNEL

Semikron SKIIP30NAB12T49

#SKIIP30NAB12T49 Semikron SKIIP30NAB12T49 New integrated Power 3-phase bridge rectifier+braking chopper bridge inverter1200V100A, SKIIP30NAB12T49 pictures, SKIIP30NAB12T49 price, #SKIIP30NAB12T49 supplier ——————————————————————- Email: [email protected] [email protected] ——————————————————————- Features .Fast Trench IGBTs .Robust and soft freewheeling diodes in CAL technology .Highly reliable spring contacts for electrical connections Typical Applications Collector-Emitter voltage Vces:1200V Collector current IC:100A Collector current Icp:150A Gate-Emitter voltage VGES:±20V Operating junction temperature Tj:+150°C […]

High-density SRAM simplifies on-system satellite image processing

Infineon Technologies has launched its next-generation 144Mb Quad Data Rate II+ (QDR-II+) SRAM that is certified to the DLA Qualified Manufacturers List Class V (QML-V). This certification is the highest quality and reliability standard certification for aerospace-grade ICs. This rad-hard 144Mb QDR-II+ SRAM is a unique high-speed external cache memory ideal for radar, on-board data processing and networking applications in […]


#LQ084V1DG21E SHARP LQ084V1DG21E New LQ084V1DG21E Sharp 8.4″ LCM 640×480 300 250:1 55/55/55/40 262K CCFL TTL, LQ084V1DG21E pictures, LQ084V1DG21E price, #LQ084V1DG21E supplier ——————————————————————- Email: [email protected] [email protected] ——————————————————————- Brand Sharp Model LQ084V1DG21E Diagonal Size 8.4 inch Type a-Si TFT-LCD, LCM Pixel Format 640(RGB)×480  [VGA]  94PPI Configuration RGB Vertical Stripe Active Area 170.88(H)×129.6(V) mm Outline Dim 216(H)×152.4(V) mm Bezel Area 175.9(H)×134.6(V) mm […]

Toshiba MG150Q1JS65HA

#MG150Q1JS65HA Toshiba MG150Q1JS65HA New 150A/1200V/IGBT+DIODE/2U, MG150Q1JS65HA pictures, MG150Q1JS65HA price, #MG150Q1JS65HA supplier ——————————————————————- Email: [email protected] [email protected] ——————————————————————- MG150Q1JS65HA Description 150A/1200V/

Digi-Key signs Mini-Circuits

Through the agreement, Digi-Key is now stocking its 50 GHz, LTCC filters, baluns and couplers, and patented reflectionless filters. Mini-Circuits is a specialist in radio frequency (RF), microwave and millimeter-wave components and systems. Its products are used in commercial, industrial, and military applications, for example for cellular wireless, aerospace, satellite, Mil-Spec, CATV/Broadband, RFID, test instrumentation and diagnostic imaging. “Digi-Key is […]

SamSung LT121S1-153

#LT121S1-153 SamSung LT121S1-153 New SAMSUNG 12.1inch Panel 800×600 120:1 262K CCFL TTL , LT121S1-153 pictures, LT121S1-153 price, #LT121S1-153 supplier ——————————————————————- Email: [email protected] [email protected] ——————————————————————-   Panel Brand : SAMSUNG Panel Model : LT121S1-153 Panel Type : a-Si TFT-LCD , Panel  Panel Size : 12.1 inch Resolution : 800(RGB)×600 , SVGA  Display Mode : TN, Normally White, Transmissive  Active Area […]

Chimei G104V1-T01

a-Si TFT-LCD 10.4 inch 640×480 450 nit 1500:1 (Typ.) 262K color 60Hz CCFL CMOS/TTL #G104V1-T01 Chimei G104V1-T01 New G104V1-T01 Innolux 10.4inch Panel 640×480 450 1500:1 262K CCFL TTL , G104V1-T01 pictures, G104V1-T01 price, #G104V1-T01 supplier ——————————————————————- Email: [email protected] [email protected] ——————————————————————- Panel Brand : CMO Panel Model : G104V1-T01 Panel Type : a-Si TFT-LCD , Panel  Panel Size : 10.4 […]