Huawei revealed a patent for flexible lithium batteries, what big tricks are smart wearable devices “holding back”?

On August 27, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. recently announced a patent for an elastic current collector and its preparation method, battery electrode sheet and flexible lithium-ion battery. On August 25, 2020, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. announced a patent for an elastic current collector and its preparation method, a battery electrode sheet, and a flexible lithium-ion battery. The patent application date […]

What is the difference between dual motors and single motors of pure electric vehicles

For electric vehicles, one of the core components is the motor. The power supply provides electrical energy for the motor, and the function of the motor is to convert the electrical energy into mechanical energy, and then drive the wheels forward through the transmission device. Therefore, the energy conversion efficiency of the car is inseparable from the performance of the […]

170W Voltage Doubler in 23mm x 16.5mm Package

Design Essentials DN571 – Introduction For high voltage input/output applications, inductorless switched capacitor converters (charge pumps) can significantly improve efficiency and reduce solution size compared to traditional Inductor-based buck or boost topologies. By replacing the inductor with a charge pump, a “crossover capacitor” can be used to store and transfer energy from the input to the output. The energy density […]

Lasso Bio: Self-developed and self-produced high-density gene chips to expand multiple application scenarios

In the post-epidemic era, people’s demands for health management are increasing day by day. In recent years, “sub-health” and “chronic diseases” have continued to arouse public discussions and concerns about self-health management. Consumer-grade genetic testing can help people understand their health risks, nutritional metabolism, and hereditary diseases. There are already a number of consumer-grade genetic testing companies in the United […]

The Future of Healthcare: When Emerging Technologies Are Used in Medical Practice

“With the development of science and technology, medical technology will also progress accordingly, to better help human beings achieve health and longevity. This article discusses the application of emerging technologies in healthcare. These technologies include sensing technology, artificial intelligence, robotics, micro-nano technology, genetic technology, etc. The application scenarios cover medical sensing, medical imaging, intelligent diagnosis, human-computer interaction, telemedicine and personalized […]

SGS awarded Lenovo Tianjiao AIO-24 series the world’s first independent Huijian high-quality noise reduction certification for personal computers

On October 13, 2021, SGS and Lenovo, an internationally recognized testing, inspection and certification organization, successfully held the certification ceremony of “SGS awarded Lenovo Tianjiao AIO-24 series the world’s first independent Huijian high-quality noise reduction certification for personal computers” in Beijing. Lenovo Desktop Business & Innovation Center Vice President Sanjeev Menon, Lenovo Desktop Product Marketing Senior Director Wei Jin, Lenovo […]

Resistors can be connected in series, why are diodes not suitable for series connection?

“In a static state, due to the different manufacturing deviations of the off-leakage current of each element in series, the element with the smallest leakage current bears the largest voltage, and even reaches the locked state. However, as long as the components have sufficient hold-up stability, there is no need to use grading resistors in the line. Only when components […]

Next-generation Wi-Fi standard brings reliable connectivity to the home of the future

“Which Wi-Fi technologies are supported by ordinary households? What will happen in the near future? Table 1 shows the development history of Wi-Fi and its relationship to the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 802.11 standard. The IEEE develops wireless standards and many others, the Wi-Fi Alliance supports Wi-Fi standards (including certification), including those developed by the IEEE, and […]

Renesas Electronics High-Voltage MOS Points to Note During Product Development

This article mainly introduces Renesas Electronics (also known as: Renesas Note 1) the selection and characteristics of high-voltage MOS in the development of customer power supplies and other products, and provides reference design advice for customer product development. MOSFET is widely used in power supply and other products due to its advantages of voltage control, high switching frequency and fast […]

The cost of Mini LED-backlit displays is declining year by year, and it is expected to be more price competitive than OLED in 2022

With the introduction of Mini LED backlight technology into the 12.9-inch iPad Pro that Apple may release in 2021, the market has been hotly debated. According to the latest survey by LEDinside, a TrendForce, the production cost of Mini LED backlight displays is still higher than that of traditional LCD and OLED screens. It will decline at a rate of […]