How to use high-precision digital temperature sensors in health monitoring wearables

“Accurate digital temperature measurement is important in a variety of applications such as wearables, medical monitoring devices, health and fitness trackers, cold chain and environmental monitoring, and industrial computing systems. Although widely used, the implementation of high-accuracy digital temperature measurements often involves calibration or linearization of temperature sensors and requires higher power consumption, which is a problem for compact ultra-low-power […]

C&K Introduces THB Miniature DIP Rocker Switches for High-End Gaming Joysticks, Drones and Industrial Controllers

Waltham, MA – February 11, 2020: C&K, a leading manufacturer of high-reliability electromechanical switches, today announced the launch of the new THB miniature dipstick rocker switch. THB expands C&K’s rapidly growing line of guide switches with multi-functional, high-quality dual-axis levers with integrated center-select thumbsticks, capable of satisfying high-end controller products—including high-end drones, gaming peripherals and industrial controllers – the required […]

ADLINK Helps Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturers Propose Yield Solutions

Shanghai, China – October 14, 2021 ADLINK, the world’s leading edge computing solution provider, has released a smart factory solution for the semiconductor industry, which overcomes the challenges faced by the front-end and back-end processes, including the use of high-precision machine automation, data capture and AI vision analysis and other technologies to increase productivity and enhance the safety of equipment, […]

Photodiode Issues that Analog Designers Must Know

“I saw a lot of questions about photodiodes and related circuits on the technical forum. I would like to share this with more colleagues. This knowledge is required for all analog designers. “ I saw a lot of questions about photodiodes and related circuits on the technical forum. I would like to share this with more colleagues. This knowledge is […]

Your next Qi wireless charger design needs safety certification

“Why do wireless chargers need safety certification? The short answer is that Qi v1.3 of the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) mandates safety certification because unsafe wireless chargers not only pose a security threat, but also affect user experience and safety. For example, the device could charge too slowly or too quickly, causing it to overheat (or worse, catch fire), or […]

[Technology]Japan’s UNIST is looking for cationic substitutes in lithium-ion batteries to improve battery discharge capacity

Lithium-ion batteries power smartphones, electric vehicles, and more. With the advancement of technology, this battery has changed dramatically and revolutionized our world. The next step is to develop better batteries to power Electronic devices for longer. A promising technique for improving battery performance is the atomic substitution of cations in cathode materials. However, to systematically conduct experiments and identify the […]

The standard open and free Xilinx Vitis platform lets software engineers say yes to hardware acceleration!

Yesterday, Xilinx, a global leader in adaptive and intelligent computing, solemnly released its milestone Vitis unified software platform. Hardware acceleration barriers for software developers, bringing its unique adaptive computing capabilities to a new chapter for all developers. Tang Xiaolei, vice president of sales of Xilinx Greater China, and Luo Lin, senior manager of Xilinx software and artificial intelligence, introduced in […]

Exclusive: China Telecom continues to increase scientific research and innovation awards, and the maximum number of winners in 2021 can reach 750,000

According to an internal document issued by China Telecom Group, for the past 2021, the group has continued to increase incentives to encourage scientific research and innovation, of which a single bonus can be up to 750,000 yuan. The operator exclusively learned that China Telecom will focus on the 2021 Group Science and Technology Progress Award, Science and Technology […]

STMicroelectronics Introduces Latest STM32 Discovery Kit and Expansion Software to Simplify IoT Node Networking and Security Function Development

China, July 15, 2020 – To simplify the complex software development challenges faced by IoT node developers, STMicroelectronics has introduced the B-L4S5I-IOT01A STM32 Discovery Kit. The new kit includes the relevant standards-certified FreeRTOS™ operating system programming interface, which is fully integrated within the STM32Cube development ecosystem and provides direct connectivity to Amazon Web Services (AWS). Hardware tools include an STM32L4+ […]

How to Use SiP Drone Controllers to Quickly Improve Drone Performance and Extend Flight Time

“As more battery-powered drones take to the skies, drone manufacturers face intense competitive pressure to expand the functionality and performance of their designs while minimizing power consumption for longer flight times. To meet market demands, designers continue to add more sophisticated and accurate accelerometers and gyroscopes, and upgrade associated firmware to take advantage of the improved sensors. The physical capabilities […]