Magnetic Core Characteristics and Applications

Magnetic components have been used in several power components, it is essential to have a good understanding of magnetic materials and associated

NEC NL10276BC30-33D

#NL10276BC30-33D NEC NL10276BC30-33D New NL10276BC30-33D NEC 15.0 inch Panel 1024×768 500:1 16.7M CCFL LVDS , NL10276BC30-33D pictures, NL10276BC30-33D price, #NL10276BC30-33D supplier ——————————————————————- Email: [email protected] [email protected] ——————————————————————- Panel Brand : NEC Panel Model : NL10276BC30-33D Panel Type : a-Si TFT-LCD , Panel  Panel Size : 15.0 inch Resolution : 1024(RGB)×768 , XGA  Display Mode : TN, Normally White, Transmissive  Active […]

Fuji 6MBP200RA060

#6MBP200RA060 Fuji 6MBP200RA060 New 6IPM: 200A 600V 6MBP200RA060, 6MBP200RA060 pictures, 6MBP200RA060 price, #6MBP200RA060 supplier ——————————————————————- Email: [email protected] [email protected] ——————————————————————- 6IPM: 200A 600V 6MBP200RA060

Providing display solutions for industrial and medical applications

Review Display Systems has introduced a new range of TFT display modules from Tianma. The P-series (Professional series) has been created and developed to satisfy the demanding requirements and necessities of the industrial and medical display markets. Achieving exceptional optical performance and consistent, reliable operation, the series offers several key attributes, including high contrast ratios and black level uniformity; long-life, […]

Extended range of compact SMT high-current chokes

TDK Corporation offers an extended range of EPCOS ERU-SMT power inductors with the new ERU19, ERU24 and ERU27 (B82559*) series. Each product line comprises up to ten types, including inductance values from 1µH to 30µH. Overall, a range of saturation currents at 25C from 11.5A DC to 101.5A DC is covered. A main feature of the power inductors is the […]

Sharp LM32004

#LM32004 Sharp LM32004 New LM32004 Sharp 5.7 inch LCM 320×240 Monochrome CCFL Parallel Data 1, LM32004 pictures, LM32004 price, #LM32004 supplier ——————————————————————- Email: [email protected] [email protected] ——————————————————————- Brand:Sharp Panel Model: LM32004 Panel Size: 5.7" Panel Type: STN-LCD, LCM Resolution: 320×240, QVGA, 70 PPI Pixel Format: Rectangle Display Area: 115.17(W)×86.37(H) mm Display Mode: STN, Blue mode (Negative) Display Colors Monochrome  Lamp […]

Mitsubishi FM600TU-07A

#FM600TU-07A Mitsubishi FM600TU-07A New Power Field-Effect Transistor 300A I(D) 75V 0.00073ohm 6-Element N-Channel Silicon metal-oxide Semiconductor FET MODULE-14, FM600TU-07A pictures, FM600TU-07A price, #FM600TU-07A supplier ——————————————————————- Email: [email protected] [email protected] ——————————————————————- FM600TU-07A Maximum ratings and characteristics  .Absolute maximum ratings (Tc=25°C unless without specified) Collector-Emitter voltage Vces:75V Gate-Emitter voltage VGES:±20V Collector current IC:300A Collector current Icp:600A Collector power dissipation Pc:960W Collector-Emitter voltage […]

Infineon FF225R12ME4

#FF225R12ME4 Infineon FF225R12ME4 New Infineon made IGBT Modules FF225R12ME4 technology: Si Brand: Infineon Technologies Mounting Style: Chassis Mount Maximum Gate Emitter Voltage: 20 V Product Type: IGBT Modules Factory Pack Quantity: 10 Subcategory: IGBTs Part # Aliases: SP000405064 FF225R12ME4 BOSA1 Infineon made IGBT Modules FF225R12ME4 IGBT 1200V 225A

Murata inductors target in-vehicle PoC systems on SerDes interface

Murata inductors target in-vehicle PoC systems on SerDes interface Murata is introduced the LQW21FT_0H series, said to be the world’s smallest inductors with broadband impedance for in-vehicle power-over-coax (PoC) circuit of SerDes-based interfacing. The LQW21FT_0H series is compliant to AEC-Q200 and delivers a combination of both broadband impedance and high-current performance. Thanks to state of the art technologies for both […]

Fuji 2MBI100N-120

#2MBI100N-120 Fuji 2MBI100N-120 New 100A/1200V/IGBT/2U, 2MBI100N-120 pictures, 2MBI100N-120 price, #2MBI100N-120 supplier ——————————————————————- Email: [email protected] [email protected] ——————————————————————- 2MBI100N-120 Description 1200V / 100A 2 in one-package Target_Applications 2MBI100N-120 could be used in Inverter for Motor drive AC and DC Servo drive amplifier Uninterruptible power supply Industrial machines, such as Welding machines Features High speed switching voltage drive Low inductance module structure […]