MEMS-based inertial sensors for high-precision positioning

Murata has released a MEMS-based inertial sensor with a digital SPI interface for high-precision industrial machine control and GNSS positioning support. The device is available now from TTI Europe. An accelerometer is employed to measure the angle of inclination relative to the centre of the earth, and a gyroscope is utilised to measure the speed that the angle changes. The […]

Infineon DF100R17IE4

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Future of SecOps: Era of Cyber Resilience in Face of Unprecedented Workforce Transformation

CyberRes, a Micro Focus line of business, published its annual State of Security Operations report, which provides insights into how enterprises are utilizing security operations to modernize their business, secure the digital value chain and systematically address modern threats to achieve greater enterprise resiliency. Overall, the report found that the increased adoption of advanced security technologies and hybrid-cloud deployments was primarily […]

Ford: Electric Vehicles to be 40% of Global Sales by 2030

Ford expects 40% of its global sales to be battery-electric vehicles by 2030 as it adds billions to what it’s spending to develop them. The automaker said in a presentation for investors Wednesday that it will add about $8 billion to its EV development spending from this year to 2025. That brings the total spend to nearly $20 billion as […]