Wuhan will build the country’s largest 5G autonomous driving demonstration area with centimeter-level positioning accuracy

The heroic city of Wuhan ushered in another heroic decision: to build the country’s largest autonomous driving demonstration area. It was learned from the Wuhan Development Zone on September 2 that this year, the National Intelligent Connected Vehicle (Wuhan) Test Demonstration Zone will be further expanded, and a second batch of 78 kilometers of 5G autonomous driving open test roads […]

Design of Athlete’s Neuromotor Response System Based on Single Chip Microcomputer and Accelerometer

“This system mainly realizes the measurement of (auditory) nerve-motor response. The method is to detect the sound of the starting gun through the sound sensor, use the acceleration sensor to detect the moment when the athlete starts running, record the time it takes the athlete to hear the starting gun and start running, and then transmit the data to the […]

Italy conditionally approves Vodafone-Huawei cooperation?

Vodafone’s Italian unit has received conditional approval from Rome to use equipment made by China’s Huawei in its 5G radio access network, two people familiar with the matter said. The report said Italy could block or impose harsh conditions on deals involving non-EU suppliers under “golden powers,” which have been used three times since 2012 to block foreign interest in […]

Advantages Of Carbon Fiber Wind Turbine Blades

Wind power is a dry “green” energy, which is pollution-free in the process of power generation, and its driving force is the inexhaustible natural wind. Wind power vanadium is developing towards high power, and the blades are getting longer and longer. Take 1.5MW mainstream large-scale wind turbines as an example, the blades are 34-37m long, and each piece weighs about […]

State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Research Institute’s self-developed power Beidou dedicated terminal put into mass production

China Jiangsu Net News October 30, after the special communication and navigation terminal independently developed by the State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Research Institute and suitable for the power Beidou system passed the type test, the first batch of 100 were mass-produced. At present, State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power has fully completed and put into use the Beidou system, which […]

How About The Hardness Performance Of Carbon Fiber Tube?

There are many production processes for carbon fiber tubes, such as winding, rolling, molding, autoclave and other forming methods. The price and performance of carbon fiber tubes under different processes will be different, mainly related to the actual use requirements and tube size specifications. , For the carbon fiber tubes produced by carbon fiber product manufacturers, most of them are […]

The EU wants to rudely unify the charging interface? USB-IF president objected

Recently, discussions about the EU’s need to unify charging standards have been frequently seen in the newspapers, and there are reports that they may force Apple to abandon Lighting. In response to these questions, the president of USBIF wrote a real-name letter to respond. The following is the original text of the letter: Allow me to introduce myself as Jeff […]

[Recommended by Be-cu]What mold materials can make good stamping dies and punching needles?

Characteristics and types of stamping die materials The materials for stamping dies include steel, steel-bonded cemented carbide, cemented carbide, zinc-based alloys, polymer materials, aluminum bronze, high and low melting point alloys, and the like. Most of the materials for manufacturing stamping dies are mainly steel. The types of commonly used die working parts are: carbon tool steel, low alloy tool […]

Pickering Interfaces will focus on PXI automated test modules at Electronica South China

November 3-5, 2020, Booth 10A86, Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center October 23, 2020, in Shenzhen, China. Pickering Interfaces, as a leader in the production of signal switches and simulation solutions for Electronic testing and verification, will participate in the Electronica South China Munich South China Electronics Show held at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center from November 3 […]

ADIADP187625A Dual Buck Power Solution

/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a >/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/ a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a> /a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a >/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/ a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a> /a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a >/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/ a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a> /a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a >/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/ a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a> /a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a >/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/ a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a> /a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a >/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/ a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a> /a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a>/a >/a> ADI’s ADP1876 is a dual-output DC/DC synchronous step-down controller with an operating frequency of 600kHz and an integrated driver that can drive N-channel power MOSFETs. The input voltage is 2.75V-20V, the power stage input voltage is 1V-20V, and the output […]